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Caution Present: Janai

Carla Waring | April 25, 2019

The past week has certainly been an exciting one!

Firstly, the sun crossed the celestial equator, reminding us that days are getting longer and summer is fast approaching (yay!).

Then, we had yet another Caution event to attend (yay-er!).


For those of you who don’t already know, Caution is a distinguished and successful club event which currently takes place in ‘St Helens’ Biggest Dancefloor’, Empire.

Playing ‘nothing but house music’ the event has grown to become widely recognised amongst the people of St Helens, as each event provides something distinctive to keep those crowds flooding through the doors every time.

Caution is currently on its 7th event since starting up back in 2017, where it was first introduced at the Citadel.

Ravers have witnessed it go from strength to strength, to the legendary event that it is today.

Lew Farrimond

Our very own ‘in-haus’ founder & DJ was given the pleasure of warming up the initial and emerging crowd, as he was first on the line-up.

This was one of Lew’s first major events since the start of his DJ’ing career, so as you can imagine, although the levels weren’t peaking, his nerves certainly were 😉

He played a combination of tech and house which are his specialised genres, and by 11pm he had the dancefloor under full control, as roisterer’s continued to spew through the doors.

Call us biased, but he smashed it!

Lew Farrimond & Rye McIver B2B

So our ‘in-haus’ team were very lucky, as we had not one, but two of our DJ’s on the line up for this spectacular event! Not to blow our own trumpets or anything, but you know 😉

And what better, but for them to go B2B?!

The duo worked together effortlessly to ensure that the performance was one to remember, and the spectators were receptive to say the least.

We’ve concluded that the bro-mance are a match made in heaven, as they seem to get everything right when they work in sync!

Janai – “You & I”

The special guest star of the evening was Janai herself, performing Sonny Fodera’s hit tune ‘You & I’.

She managed to hype the crowd up impeccably with her energetic attitude and blissful vibes – not only a beautiful voice, but also a beautiful soul!

She performed 2 different renditions of the track, the original and the ‘Beachball’ remix!

Looking out on to the crowd, all that could be witnessed was a sea of people all singing along and holding their lights up. This was definitely the highlight of the night!

Rye McIver

DJ Rye McIver is a fellow founder of Haus Radio, and alongside this, holds a residency at Empire. This has allowed Rye to gain vital knowledge on how to get a passionate audience reaction.

As soon as Rye took centre stage, he threw out major bangers of both new and classic material, taking the crowd on a musical journey of recents and throwbacks.

He played a variety of different styles, transporting the crowd through a time warp of different genres.

He knew when to blast the C02 and cracked the confetti on que, which definitely added to the effect.

*In M&S advert voice* It wasn’t just a performance it was a show!

Ben Anderson

Next up to the booth was DJ Ben Anderson.

Ben is not only a long-serving resident DJ in Empire, but he is also the founder of the renowned event that is Caution. Basically, he’s the Caution God.

With many years of experience, Ben has developed his own matchless style, and can read the crowds of St Helens effortlessly.

Ben played a fusion of different tracks and styles which kept the dancefloor heaving and the atmosphere thriving!

It was definitely around this point when the event started to peak, and all in attendance knew this.

Peter Orr

Upcoming DJ/Producer Peter Orr was next up to spin the 1’s & 2’s, and now a regular fixture on the Caution scene, he gets better every time.

Everyone loves a good fix of EDM because it “gets people going!”  And that’s exactly what it did!

Imagine this, its peak time in Empire, you’re out with your pals having the best time, and every tune is just banger after banger of both old and new EDM. Absolute carnage!

Ben, Lew & Rye


I dare you to name a better trio than this?!

Ben, Lew & Rye all went B2B for the final part of the evening, and I sh*t you not it could be compared to the return of the SHM!

Each of them played a style which was suited to them, and this could be recognised for the duration of the time they played. However, this still managed to work so perfectly in sync.

Written by Carla Waring


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