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5 Best Headphones For Djs According To Bluebuzzmusic

Rye McIver | May 16, 2019

The top 5 best headphones for DJs according to Blue Buzz Music

1. Technics RP DH1250

The release of RP DH1250 was timed to the 40th anniversary of the SL1200, a legendary deck that helped dance culture get on its feet and develop since 1972.

These high-end headphones are fully consistent with the stated high bracket.

Made in a classic design, they are notable for a pair of removable cables (straight with smartphone control buttons and twisted for operation), rotating bowls and outstanding frequency characteristics in the range from 5 Hz to 30 kHz.

RP DH1250 folds easily into a carrying bag and features a wide padded headboard.

Thanks to the closed design with full coverage, these headphones reliably reproduce the recordings: clean medium, bright high and true low frequencies – all this is about RP DH1250.

Check it out here for more music equipment.

2. Pioneer HDJ-C70

Professional DJ headphones with an impressive range (from 7 Hz to 32 kHz) and an innovative airbag that filters out unwanted environmental noise.

Of course, the bowls rotate, and the headboard is relatively durable.

The HDJ-C70 comes with twisted and ribbed cables that you don’t have to be untangled each time before use, but you need a small screwdriver to replace them.

This feature allows you to compare the HDJ-C70 with competitors in the face Sennheiser HD25 or even AIAIAI TMA-1.

Thanks to the clarity in the lower and middle range, the HDJ-C70 is a worthy addition to the lineup of DJ products from this manufacturer.

3. AIAIAI TMA2 DJ Preset

We recently paid attention to this modular headphones, which are able to make a serious competition to similar solutions from Sennheiser, Technics and Pioneer at a reasonable price, in a separate article .

Thanks to the modular architecture, the user can choose the most suitable configuration for himself under a different budget, but the DJ Preset option appears in the list, which is attractive for high-quality reproduction of low frequencies at the cut-off of excess sound that is dangerous for hearing, which will help to protect ears during prolonged use at high volumes.

4. Sony MDR V150

Sony’s affordable MDR V150 may seem deceptively simple, but it has all the functions of a pair of professional DJ headphones: an adjustable headboard, rotating bowls and a wide frequency range with high-quality sound.

However, feeding the cable in both bowls leaves the possibility of tangling.

These headphones are ideal for novice DJs or professionals looking for a spare pair of monitors who don’t want to spend a lot of money.

A decent solution with adequate sound for DJs, however, is not quite suitable for Production – DJ Booth.

5. Beyerdynamic DT 1350

This version of the more expensive T1 headphones for audiophiles, adapted to the needs of DJs.

The speakers of these headphones can withstand extreme volume levels up to 129 decibels thanks to the extremely efficient Tesla magnet transducer, which, coupled with a closed design and a high level of sound insulation, turns the DT 1350 into excellent headphones for noisy environments.

The fragile appearance of the DT 1350 is deceptive, headphones are ready for intensive use in various conditions and long journeys.

As accessories, they come with a durable case with upholstery for reliability, an adapter and instructions for correctly positioning the headphones on the head (Beyerdynamic emphasize the importance of this moment and pay close attention to it).

This level of attention from the manufacturer costs the consumer a large price tag, even when compared to other offers from this class, but these are definitely the most professional DJ headphones available today.

Written by Rye McIver


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